Half a century experience in railroad products

Teräspyörä-Steelwheel Oy is a company specialized to railroad products. The company was founded in 1945 and was first called “Engineering Office Saalasti”. The company received its first assignments related to railways already in the early 1950’s.

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Railroad equipment

Steelwheel delivers with decades of experience shunting locomotives and robots’, shunting winches, railroad maintenance trolleys, couplers, other railroad equipment, like snow ploughing devices.

We can meet the needs of almost any kind of shunting requirement. In addition to shunting systems, Steelwheel manufactures many other equipments for the rail yards like couplers, automatic brake testing systems, snow ploughing equipment and railroad maintenance trolleys.

Steelwheel’s shunting systems power the railyards of some of the most modern mills of the world.


Railway maintenance equipment

Steelwheel manufactures multi-purpose railcars that are intended for railway track maintenance, track repairs and renewal work. The railcars can be equipped with various auxiliary equipment.

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Shunting locomotives

Almost all of the shunting locomotives and robots in Finland are delivered by Steelwheel. Besides the robots, also the shunting locomotives can usually be radio controlled. This way the same person can load and move the train from the crane.

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Shunting winches

Steelwheel’s wagon movingwinches is intended for loading and unloading wagons, especially when no shunting is needed during the loading. The winches can be equipped with radio control and automation systems.

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Equipment maintenance and special equipment with more than 70 years of experience

Teräspyörä-Steelwheel’s special expertise is the maintenance of railway equipment and the manufacture of special equipment for railway professionals.